"At The Country Playhouse Academy, our goal as early childhood educators is to provide a strong foundation, through proven developmentally appropriate practices, that will help all of our students become lifelong learners."

Why Choose

the Academy?

  1. Dedicated  to implementing innovative early learning strategies for a high quality learning and nurturing environment.
  2. Passionate and Diverse Early Childhood Professionals
  3. A Robust  Award Winning Early Education Curriculum and Assessment Program
  4. Continuous Professional Development Training for Our Teachers.
  5. Convenient Hours and Location
  6. Multiple Parent Engagement Opportunities

Our Before & After School Enrichment Program...
Serving:  Glacier Park, Rock Creek and Lake Wilderness

We recognize the growing physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of an increasingly independent school-age child. Our year-round before and after school enrichment program and summer camp offers enhanced learning opportunities in a safe, engaging and supportive environment where students are encouraged to develop life-long friendships and have fun exploring the world around them through hands-on experiences and fun activities.  Our "Homework Club" provides a 20-30 minute block of time after school each day for homework completion.  Students earn homework tickets, and every Friday several tickets are picked at random and those students get to pick a special prize. Not only is this a benefit for the students, but for the parents as well when they don't have to worry about completing homework at home, and can focus on family time.

Community awareness is important, which is why we encourage our students to support the local community services and non-profit organizations by giving  back.  We do this through food drives, clean-up projects, homeless care kits and more.  These types of activities create a sense of pride and ownership in our community, fostering compassion, empathy, and the importance of helping our neighbors, especially those in need.                         

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Our Preschool Program...

Our Preschool program is designed to encourage exploration, discovery and investigation through independent activities, teacher-directed lessons, and small group sessions. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum incorporates daily pre-reading skills, writing, math, science, art, music and provides ample opportunities for confidence building and problem solving.

Our Infant Program...

The Infant age group is a wonderful time in a child’s life, filled with rapid development, new explorations and the beginning sense of independence.  Our highly attentive teachers provide one-on-one care and special moments throughout the day in a sensory-rich environment. Children are  continually encouraged to explore the space, enhancing fine and gross motor skills such as rolling over and grasping toys. 

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Our Toddler Program...

In our Toddler program, children are now upright; walking, eating tables food and taking only one nap a day. They are on a schedule where their friends are doing the same type of activities at the same time.  Our toddler program utilizes engaging activities to promote and support a child's new sense of  independence, thus allowing a child to explore in a relaxed environment.

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Our Junior Kindergarten Program...

Our Junior Kindergarten program is for young 5 year old students who need an additional year of learning before entering Kindergarten, or miss the cutoff. In this program, students have Kindergarten level learning experiences that focus on science, math, the arts, social studies, literacy and music. Students become familiar with the format and structure of a Kindergarten class. Junior Kindergarten provides a bridge, as children gain the independence and confidence to transition to a Kindergarten classroom.

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Our Pre-Kindergarten Program...

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is geared towards students who are 4 to 5 years old, and prepares them for their next level of education while encouraging self-expression and independence. Through hands-on, project based learning, students engage in investigations of science, social studies, math, music, art and literacy, and are exposed to opportunities to strengthen their critical thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

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Our Early Education Programs...